Fascinating Wines
Renommierte Weingüter Burgenland


Behind the wine there are the people that helped create it. In alignement with nature and its strong influence on character, we strive with each new vintage to let new personality develop important downs - events that shape character and define wines of fascinating complexity.

The more one immerses oneself in the taste structure of subtly complex wines, the more one glimpses their soul. These insights bring joy at the highest level to wine drinkers all over the world - and this in turn brings joy to

Albert und Silvia Gesellmann


The vineyards of the vintners in Mittelburgenland are situated in the middle of Burgenland, with a total area of 2.104 hectares that stretches from the southern foothills of the Ödenburg mountains to the Günser uplands. Here, the Gesellmann family cultivate 50 hectares of the best vineyards around Deutschkreutz. The climate so important for creating great wines is characterised by sunny days and cool nights, where the temperature curve provides ideal conditions for complex wines right into the autumn. Nearby Lake Neusiedl additionally influences the region's micro-climate with a Pannonian character, which, with its relatively warm, dry and moderate weather during the year, contributes significantly towards making the region's wines so unique.